Workshops – Tuesday May 23rd

Main Ballroom – 10:55am – 12:00pm

Making change requires more than a pocketful of coins.  Join us LIVE in NJ for an action-packed reboot of the TV show you love! In our special edition celebrating a Decade of Diversity, we want to empower YOU to BE THE CATALYST.

Hear from talented Change Agent Suppliers & Procurement Professionals on what it takes to engage with organizations to “Create Value for our Clients in the Life Sciences!”

Join Jonathan Lovitz of NGLCC as he grills an All-Star Panel about the Issues and Challenges we can influence by being Change Agents. 

  • New Risks and Challenges within Clinical and R&D
  • Trending areas of interest around Technology/ Tools for non-technical entrepreneurs to build Tech Products
  • Refining the Value Proposition
  • Why do you do it that way?
  • Training Remote Employees
  • And more!

Hosted by: Jonathan Lovitz, Senior Vice President, National Gay & Lesbian Cham​ber of Commerce® (NGLCC) Director, NGLCCNY


  • Tanya Momtahen, Head of Global Procurement, Scientific & Clinical, Sanofi
  • Elaine Oussoren, President – Brand Aid Digital
  • Sam Yadav, President – Quest Safety Products
  • Carlton Oneal, Managing Partner & COO – Light Speed
  • Rita Haring, Global Cat. Mgr, Clinical Investigator Engagement, R&D Procurement – Novartis Business Services
  • Brigid Siegel, Executive Dir. & Head, R&D – Merck, Sharp & Dohme Corporation (MSD)
  • Dennis Truax, Sr. Procurement Dir., R&D Procurement, Eli Lilly and Company 

Break out Workshops
Session One – 2:35pm – 3:30pm

“Eight That Innovate!”
Salons E-H

Many of our DA4S supplier members are already helping clients implement innovative ideas that drive value within their businesses.  Hear from Eight of those companies as they pitch their innovations to a trio of judges in order to win a VIP meeting with representatives from BMS.  Do you have the 3 minute pitch that can win?  Show us your catalytic strategies and get seen by corporate members who want YOU to help them create value in their organizations.

Facilitator: Rondu Vincent, Director, Supplier Diversity, BMS

Panel of Judges (3)

Top Prize: Meeting with BMS Procurement Leader & Team

Thank you to BMS for sponsoring this workshop!

**Please note the Eight companies have been pre-selected from a pool of applications that submitted their applications for consideration**

Risky Business!
Bergen and Essex Salons

An Interactive fun way to demonstrate various risks within Supply Chain and how to manage risk and avoid as well as address potential business disruption.

Take those old records off the shelf, and join us as we examine supply chain risks and how they can disrupt business.  This interactive workshop will test your knowledge on how to manage risks, including business continuity plans, crisis management, and cybersecurity, among others.  All you need is your body and your brain!  This workshop has a limited capacity of 60 attendees, so register early to ensure a seat.

LIMITED PARTICIPATION: Room 1 & Room 2—30 max in each room

After this engaging exercise, you will have a deeper appreciation of the following:

  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Who is at Risk
  • How to Respond to a Crisis
  • Social Media
  • Cybersecurity


  • Ranshe S. Muck, Manager, Supplier Risk, Purchasing & Supplier Mgmt – AbbVie
  • Bruce Loberger, Dir., Crisis Management & Business Continuity – AbbVie

Thank you to AbbVie for sponsoring this workshop!

Break out Workshops
Session Two – 4:00pm – 5:00pm

“How the Heck Did that Happen!?!
Hotel Bar/Lounge

How did these successful suppliers and change agent corporations make success stories happen? Hear interesting relationship building stories while enjoying networking time in the hotel lounge/bar.

Greet and network with our esteemed panelists and their corporate colleagues so you can build new relationships and solidify existing ones with fellow DA4S Corporations and Supplier members.

Thank you to Federal Staffing Resources LLC dba FSR for sponsoring this workshop!

*Cash bar after sponsor’s drink round

Speed Dating Challenge with the ISM SDPF & Other Corporations
Salons E-H

(3-4 rotations; Corporations at each table; 1 minute pitch; rotate 3-4 times)

Have you ever imagined what you would say if you had just 1 minute to meet and impress your dream client? If so, DA4S welcomes you to prepare your 1-minute pitch and join us at this speed dating Roundtable session ready to share your value proposition with up to 4 corporations.

Be prepared, be concise, and be ready to receive constructive feedback from our corporations (who aren’t shy).

Time cap will be strictly enforced so please come prepared and ready to impress!


  • Melissa Lounds, Director, Global Accounts – Synectics
  • Lisa Denton, Director – Meeting Management Associates

Have your 1 minute pitch ready and meet up to 4 corporations. Each table with have at least 1 corporate host and no more than 6 suppliers; each person has 1 minute to introduce their company & services. Corporation will provide feedback, interest info, and possible contact to follow up.

10 minutes at each table. There will be a timer to ensure flow.

Tables hosted by the following Corporations:

  1. Novartis
  2. Amgen
  3. Merck
  4. Sanofi
  5. Boston Scientific
  6. BMS
  7. Takeda
  8. Eli Lilly and Company
  9. Pfizer
  10. Celgene
  11. Vertex
  12. AbbVie
  13. GlaxoSmithKline



Join Our MembershipAttend/Sponsor an EventAttend/Sponsor an Event

Membership is ONLY open to companies who support and specialize in the LIfe Sciences Industry.
However, it is not a requirement to attend a DA4S event.

Join Our MembershipAttend/Sponsor an EventAttend/Sponsor an Event

Membership is ONLY open to companies who support and specialize in the LIfe Sciences Industry.
However, it is not a requirement to attend a DA4S event.

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