Membership Qualifications

Eligibility. Membership is available only to corporations and diverse-owned suppliers in the Life Sciences industry who directly support drug discovery and drug research, as well as promote innovation in the Life Science industry as detailed below in the “Membership Categories.” The Board, at its sole discretion, may reject an application for membership or elect not to renew a membership, if in its view the applicant does not meet the criteria outlined herein.


Qualified Categories of Service
➢ Animal Suppliers
➢ Biology Services
➢ Biomarkers Analysis Chemical Synthesis
➢ Clean Room Operations and Maintenance
➢ Clinical Data Management
➢ Comparator Drug
➢ DNA/RNA Extraction
➢ Drug Discovery
➢ Medicinal Chemistry
➢ Patient Recruitment
➢ Pharmacokinetic Services
➢ Regulatory Services
➢ Stability Testing

Qualified Categories of Service with >40% of their business directly supporting Drug Discovery and research efforts in the Life Science Industry
➢ Biotech Support Services
➢ Clinical Staffing
➢ Lab
➢ Legal Services Related to Life Sciences
➢ Marketing/Branding/Market Research
➢ Marketing Related to Development
➢ Medical Writing
➢ Packaging, Printing, Labeling, Bar Code
➢ Training related to drug development
➢ Translation Services
➢ Other

Members in Good Standing. To be a member in good standing, a member must pay annual membership dues.

Removal of Members. Members may be removed once annual dues are not paid 30 days after due date. At that point, they will need to re-apply for membership.

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Membership is ONLY open to companies who support and specialize in the LIfe Sciences Industry.
However, it is not a requirement to attend a DA4S event.

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