Membership Dues

Annual membership dues for 2018 are structured as follows:

  • $400 per individual* from a small/diverse business who is considered a “Supplier” to the corporations
  • $700 for a life science or healthcare corporation that includes up to 3 individual corporate representatives. ($300 for each additional corporate member)

Dues are paid annually and are good from January 1 thru December 31, 2018. Dues remain the same fixed amount in 2018 regardless of when a company joins. There is no allowance for pro-rated dues. Members must renew their membership by January 31st of each year in order to be a Member in good standing.

* Diversity Alliance for Science will offer Members Only events and benefits during the year. Only registered members will be able to attend these events and access these resources at no cost. Additional employees from the same company who wish to attend these events will need to pay a minimal fee (fee based upon event type).

Success Story: CQ fluency

Our member Elisabete Miranda, President & CEO of CQ fluency, talks about the return on investment for membership dues.

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