Hetal Parikh

Hetal Parikh is the president of Rangam Consultants. Over the course of 20+ years Rangam has become a high performing global diverse supplier of workforce solutions, utilizing innovative technology and unique delivery models. My team and I have worked together to build a culture of true empathy and inclusion. With this motto instilled within the corporation we collaborate with fortune 500 companies, industry experts, and service providers to deliver exceptional service to our clients and a better quality of life to our candidates.

As a game-changer in the workforce industry, the Rangam team delivers diversity, inclusion, leadership, and awareness to organizations around the world every day. Along with traditional contingent staffing, Rangam offers SourceAbled™, an end-to-end solution connecting employers, job seekers who are differently-abled, and support agencies. Rangam also offers SourceVets™, a veterans’ career development and employment program for transitioning military service members.

My passion for empowering and supporting women in the workforce has helped build Rangam into what it is today. With 70% of the internal staff from leadership to operational roles being women, mentoring young women entrepreneurs and encouraging them to pursue STEM careers is important to me. I believe knowledge is power, and that sharing it is a valuable thing. Therefore, sitting on various boards and taking part in many organizations helps me to gain additional information to share with my network of candidates, clients, and colleagues. Rangam believes in the mottos of “Employment for Everyone” and “Empathy Drives Innovation,” which are two notions we deeply live by.

I am currently pursuing Owner/President Management Program at Harvard Business School and will be graduating in 2019. Also, I hold a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.

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