Mission, Vision, and Values


Provide a platform to identify, attract, and develop small and/or diverse businesses to drive inclusive procurement practices in corporate, academic, and governmental entities within the life science and healthcare industries.


To be the leading organization in the life science and healthcare industries promoting the economic growth of small and/or diverse businesses, and improve the quality of patient care by fostering intimate relationships between those businesses, and corporations, academic, and governmental agencies.


There is STRENGTH in Diversity

  • Spirit: Philanthropic, fun, positive, exciting, enthusiastic, can-do attitude
  • Teamwork: Collaborative and cooperative partnerships
  • Respect: Embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of our diversity
  • Excel in our individual and collective efforts to learn, grow, and perform to our fullest potential
  • Novelization: Bringing new and innovative ideas forward
  • Growth: Enabling development and growth for our members and future generations
  • Tenacity: Demonstrating dedication and determination to our mission
  • Honorable: Working together with honesty, transparency, and integrity