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Our Story

How & Why Did Diversity Alliance for Science Begin... Here’s Our Story:

by Leah Brown

It was an exhausting traditional Life Sciences conference that we paid thousands of dollars to attend. Too many people buzzing around. It was an explosion of business connections in the chaos of making a deal. High-end business suits, Tag© watches, huge diamond rings on some of the most highly successful sales people in the Life Sciences industry. Yes, it was obvious the rush was about making “sales goals” and not about the bigger picture, patients.

Patients that look like rainbows. Different colors, appearance and transparency. That is what I wanted. A place where it was not about golf course deals, Gentlemen Jack© and cigars. It was about producing medicines that were going to save lives. I ran into my client at this whirlwind conference and we both fell on a sofa, what could easily have been a vendor booth that cost over $100K. Really nice sofa.

We chatted about the stale chicken at lunch and how we couldn't find the people we targeted for today's networking conference amongst the sea of Brooks Brothers© suits. She, Jackie La Joie of Merck© was charged to finding Life Sciences suppliers that looked like me; vendors of color; female vendors, vendors that had served in the military and are now disabled and other criteria that I fully didn't understand. I felt sorry for her challenging quest and now truly discouraged that I could even find the ladies room.

Leah Brown

Jackie La Joie

We knew there was a solution for Jackie's problem. We brainstormed the opportunity. We envisioned her dream of being able to bring her scientific buyers to a quiet but fun and safe place where that could have meaningful dialogue with small diverse suppliers. No golf, over-priced dinners, and where T.J Max© brought dresses were welcomed. We sighed, simultaneously, as we shared our ideal conference dreams with each other. We knew at an instant, together, we can make a difference, solve a problem; so there, right on that beautiful soft sofa, we kicked off our shoes and laid out the framework for Diversity Alliance for Science.

Since that time, we have partnered with more than 575 companies, hosted 15 events, and have grown beyond 250 members at our peak.