1:1 Matchmaking sessions are taking place on Thursday, June 2021 – Date TBD

May 1, 2021 is a firm deadline date for all attendees to have their profiles complete in the matchmaking software system.

Pre-requisite to apply for Matchmaking: Each individual from any company who would like to apply for matchmaking sessions must be registered and paid to attend the conference.

Immediately following your completed registration, each registrant will receive an automated email with details and instructions on how to register and complete their profile for corporations to review.  When you register online for matchmaking you must use the email you provided upon conference registration. If you choose to use a different email you will not be accepted into the system. Please make sure if your assistant is registering you  that they register under your own business email and not theirs.

Beginning May 2 – Corporations will be invited to access the matchmaking portal and start selecting Suppliers to meet with. During this time we ask suppliers to please be patient and do not try to access the portal while the meeting selections are taking place.

Corporations will choose suppliers they want to meet with after reviewing completed profiles. Suppliers will receive invitations to confirm acceptance for a meeting.  Please do not contact us once you set up your profile and are unable to find Corporations to request meetings.

After May 10th, the portal request will be opened to Suppliers – and at that time they can invite Corporations to meet if slots are available.

Please do not be discouraged if you get less selected meetings than you were hoping for or don’t get selected for any meetings. Our conference provides ample other opportunities for Suppliers to meet and connect with the Corporations.  Our EXPO is strategically a Corporate EXPO to allow all Suppliers to meet with all the Corporations. We also offer our Speed Dating Roundtables, MIXology Workshop and Wednesday Evening Networking Dinner.


For additional matchmaking questions please contact:

Need software support? Contact: