Pauline Nguyen’s story is that of survival first. Escaping war-torn Vietnam on a handmade boat as a young girl, Pauline eventually made it to Australian shores after a year in a Thai refugee camp. Having jumped from the frying pan, Pauline was thrust into the fire – going on to suffer tremendous physical and emotional abuse until she was a young woman. It’s this staggering adversity Pauline now refers to as her training – rising from the ashes of her trauma to become one of Australia’s most sought after development coaches, a leading entrepreneur, an award-winning author and an international keynote speaker.

She is the owner of Red Lantern, the most awarded Vietnamese restaurant in the world, and author of The Way of Spiritual Entrepreneur and Secrets of the Red Lantern, which has been critically acclaimed worldwide and has appeared on numerous bestseller lists. Pauline doesn’t do motivation…she does electrifying inspiration and accelerated transformation. Her ability to connect to each audience member is palpable, with a unique deliverance and powerfully crafted stage presence – in-person or online – that is second to none. Each of Pauline’s keynotes are rich in anecdote and sapience, seamlessly weaving practical steps to self-mastery with compelling insights into her extraordinary journey to the top. Success in business starts with the next breath you take; master yourself, and the professional world or infinite opportunities awaits. When Pauline speaks, people listen. In this new state of being, Pauline understands more than anyone that aptitude, adaptability, nimbleness, and flexibility is key, most poignantly in the space where the personal and the professional collide.