Mentorship Program

APPLICATIONS have been emailed to all Members. If you are seeking the application contact us.

Applications are due back no later than FEB. 3, 2020.

Our Mentorship Program is a unique opportunity for our supplier members to be matched with a mentor from a life science corporation for the course of one year. During this time, the mentor and mentee are expected to set goals for the year, meet regularly (live and virtually), and demonstrate a mutual interest in learning and growing together.

Requirements for Mentees / Supplier Qualifications

  1. Applicant must currently be a paid, active Diversity Alliance for Science Member.
  2. Applicant / Participant must be the Owner, CEO or President of the company. No Exceptions!
  3. Company must agree to maintain a paid, active membership throughout the mentorship program. Membership renewals take place in January of each year.
  4. Company must be in business a minimum of 2 years.
  5. You must commit to the time requirements to meet your mentoring plan with assigned mentor.
  6. Applicant must commit to attend the following mentorship meetings (in-person if required):
    • Interview Process at our West Coast Conference (Feb. 19, 2020) : In-Person
    • Mentorship Kick-Off event at the East Coast Conference (June 10, 2020) : In-Person
    • 1 face-to-face meeting with the mentor: In person
    • At least three Web meetings or phone calls during the year with the mentor: Web/teleconference
    • Mid-Year Check-In with Mentorship committee : Teleconference
    • Mentorship Meeting at West Coast Conference (Feb. 2021) : In-Person
    • Graduation at East Coast Conference (TBD 2021) : In-Person
  7. You must sign the waiver of liability at the end of the application and submit with application
  8. Supplier may participate in a Mentorship Program a maximum of 2 years, but not consecutively.
  9. Company must be in a fiscally sound position.