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Cassandra Worthy
Founder & CEO

Cassandra Worthy
Change Enthusiasm Global

Cassandra Worthy is Founder and CEO of Change Enthusiasm Global

a boutique consulting firm with clients that include several Fortune 500 companies. Cassandra received her BS in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech. Prior to founding her own firm, she spent nearly 15 years working within the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, predominantly at Proctor & Gamble, leading organizations through multi-billion dollar acquisitions. She now shares strategies throughout the world that lead to growth through change.

Why Cassandra Worthy?

Unparalleled Energy:
Cassandra lights up any room she walks into. She has an inexplicable radiance that captivates and mesmerizes
any and every audience. Known for this energy and presence, she is often a top-rated conference presenter.

Corporate Savvy + Engineering Mindset:
As a chemical engineer having worked nearly two decades in the CPG industry, Cassandra speaks the language of your audience. Leveraging her pragmatic, engineering mindset she has created a way to talk about how to harness the emotions of change in a practical, non-WOO-WOO, actionable way.

Relatable Messaging:
In Change Enthusiasm®, Cassandra is bringing something truly unique and fresh. This strategy is taking the business world by storm, for the first time simplifying how to shift the macroscopic cultural mindset to embrace
change through motivating the individual at the microscopic level.

‘Perfect-Fit’ Customization:
Cassandra works with every client to intimately understand their unique change challenges and tension points to ensure maximum resonance of her message.