Saken Pilay Khokhar

Saken Khokhar took over management of the Supplier Diversity program last December. She believes that it is essential that our business accurately reflects the populations we serve and the communities in which we operate. We grow when our local communities and businesses succeed. A renewed and comprehensive focus on diversity in our supply chain is essential.

Saken has helped to institute new policies and procedures to ensure supplier inclusion on a greater scale. All RFP’s are now required to include a minimum of one qualified diverse supplier.

Saken has helped to launch the MA LGBT chamber of commerce and secured BSC’s position as a founding member. An official launch of the Chamber took place at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston last Monday with Governor Charlie Baker in attendance.

She has also expanded our representation in the Hispanic and Asian and Veteran communities with sponsorships in the corresponding national entrepreneurship organizations.
BSC will also hold our first ever Small & Diverse Supplier Showcase in Marlborough to further promote the Supplier Diversity program among our employees. Saken is a fervent advocate for diversity and attributes her motivation and passion to her upbringing in South Africa during the Apartheid era.