is a supplier-specific peer group focused on enhancing your membership experience. 

Supplier Partnership for Insights, Relationships & Learning

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SPIRAL is ideal for Business Owners, CEO’s, Presidents… however we welcome other Members so we can navigate through the challenges we face as Suppliers together.

Sharing best practices helps us all on our path to success. If you are interested in building partnerships, forging lasting relationships, and helping tackle big challenges, then join SPIRAL!

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Supplier Partnership for Insights, Relationships, and Learning


To engage supplier members through community, knowledge sharing, and diverse perspectives.


To enhance the DA4S membership experience through an open exchange of ideas and expertise while creating the opportunity to inform corporates on topical supplier concerns as well as the impact of creating opportunities for small and diverse businesses.


SPIRAL will provide the opportunity for members to challenge and inspire each other in a safe, supportive environment with the intention of:

  • Better understanding the leadership experience and the top-of-mind issues for suppliers
  • Providing SME focused on business operations and sustainability
  • Sharing best practices to accelerate success
  • Forging relationships across the supplier ecosystem to allow for owner networking
  • Identify alliance and referral partner opportunities to encourage business growth amongst owner members 

SPIRAL Event Pillars 

Pillar 1: Supplier Community Development — To increase business networking, partnerships, and collaborations (will be the focus of in-person events such as the East and West Coast Conferences)

Pillar 2: Supplier Readiness and Growth Opportunities — To accelerate success and scale more quickly (Virtual Webinars & Workshops at DA4S main Events)

Pillar 3: Supplier Insights