Our acutely focused mission is to expand and strengthen supplier diversity within the life science industries. Diversity Alliance for Science is on a relentless pursuit to be the development hub of the best diverse suppliers who bring quality products, services, and innovation to clients in healthcare, biotechnology, bioinformatics and other related life science fields.

We currently have over 530+ members, including small and, or diverse suppliers, life science corporations, and academic institutions.

Membership is exclusive, only open to companies who support and specialize in the life sciences industries.

We currently do not encourage staffing / labor contingent companies to apply.

Membership is not a requirement to attend a Diversity Alliance for Science event.

Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive access to  Membership Portal
  • Opportunity to apply for our annual Mentorship Program (matching vendors and corporations for one-year mentorships)
    No additional cost if selected. Restrictions apply
  • Exclusive invitations to “Member Only Events”
  • Leadership opportunities through volunteering on a committee or serving on the Board of Directors
  • Opportunities to participate as panelists or presenters at our conferences
  • Awards program that annually recognizes outstanding members and businesses
  • Linda Secola Volunteer of the Year award for Supplier Members only (must be an active volunteer for at least one year on a committee to be a candidate for this award)
  • Opportunity to be featured in Diversity Alliance for Science marketing efforts to current and prospective members (suppliers and corporations)
  • Complimentary Webinars throughout the year as well as opportunities for a member to host a Webinar

Membership Directory Policies

Diversity Alliance for Science (hereinafter referred to as ‘”DA4S”) logo, email addresses, member lists and conference attendee lists may not be used by DA4S members, conference attendees or others for their own advertising purposes without DA4S prior written consent. Similarly, no individual or company may make any claims or distribute any materials that state or imply that they speak for DA4S or have DA4S endorsement or approval without DA4S prior written consent. Any violation of the foregoing restrictions will result in their DA4S membership and attendance at DA4S events being revoked. In addition, a violation could constitute trademark infringement, copyright infringement, theft of trade secrets, or violation of false advertising statutes, among other legal violations, for which the offending individual or company could become liable at law for substantial monetary damages and civil fines.


Diversity Alliance for Science (hereinafter referred to as “DA4S”) members in good standing are welcome to use the DA4S name and logo to identify their membership. The DA4S name and logo are not to be used to state or infer that DA4S endorses or authorizes or in any way supports a product, service or event or for any other purpose, without the prior written approval from DA4S. Written requests may be submitted to the Executive Director at least 20 business days before the proposed use. Members in good standing each year are emailed the member logo that is permitted to be used.