Bad Actors and Cybercriminals Are Now Targeting Working from Home

As business leaders, our priority and paramount concern is the health and safety of our families, employees, staff, contractors, customers, clients, and community. The enormous news coverage surrounding the novel COVID-19 virus has created a new danger — scams, phishing attacks and other malicious activities looking to exploit public fears. As the majority of workforce’s have transitioned to working remotely, bad actors and cybercriminals have ramped up their malicious efforts to create and spread more fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD), in addition to stealing your credentials, information and organization’s data.

Cybercriminals are targeting a variety of our essential services for living and working – from cloud services, banks and financial institutions, grocery and food delivery services, to pharmacists, hospitals, and even on-line entertainment to name only a few. It is recommended that you work with your teams and suppliers to (a) provide clear and frequent communication, (b) establish a single source of truth, (c) provide vetted collaboration tools, and (d) provide increased cybersecurity awareness to all our employees, staff, and others. As cyber aggressors increase their attacks, it becomes critically important to assist your teams by providing support and helpful information to protect themselves and your organizations.

Laszlo S. Gonc, CISSP
Founder and Managing Partner, Next Era Transformation Group, LLC