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Pauline NguyenPauline Nguyen’s story is that of survival first.

Escaping war-torn Vietnam as a toddler, Pauline eventually made it to Australian shores after a year in a Thai refugee camp. Having jumped from the frying pan, Pauline was thrust into the fire – going on to suffer tremendous physical and emotional abuse until she was a young woman. It’s this staggering adversity Pauline now refers to as her training – rising from the ashes of her trauma to become one of Australia’s most sought-after development coaches, a leading entrepreneur, an award-winning author, and an international keynote speaker. Described by Huffington Post as, “The most grounded spiritual entrepreneur on the planet”, recognized as an original ‘Rare Bird’ – Australia’s top 50 Influential Female Entrepreneurs, and included in Blackwell and Hobday’s global recognition of ‘200 Women Who Will Change the Way You See the World’, Pauline is nothing short of extraordinary. Pauline co-founded the world’s most awarded Vietnamese restaurant, Red Lantern, and is the author of The Way of Spiritual Entrepreneur and Secrets of the Red Lantern, both critically acclaimed worldwide, appearing on numerous bestseller lists. Pauline speaks and teaches from direct experience with a unique, dramatic cadence that literally has the audience hanging on every word.

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