President’s letter January 2019

Hello Members, Colleagues, and Supporters,

Diversity Alliance for Science is excited to kick off another year! We have many great things planned for our members and organization in 2019, starting with our 7th Annual West Coast conference in Laguna, CA and working our way over to New Jersey for our 12th Annual East Coast event!

Our organization has seen tremendous growth during recent years, challenging us to continue evolving and raising the bar. As such, I’m excited to announce that this year’s East Coast event will take place at a new hotel in the Newark, NJ area, providing a larger venue and opportunities to enhance the overall conference experience. In addition, the West Coast event will host our first ever Supplier Only Expo. Booths are limited, so we hope you take advantage of this exciting opportunity to showcase who you are to our attendees and start to collaborate! Please visit our website for more details.

Connect. Collaborate. Change with us in 2019! While we will continue to foster relationships between small/ diverse businesses and corporate partners in the life science and healthcare industries, our Board of Directors are also working to outline our strategic plan and mission for the coming years that will allow us to further drive innovation and collaboration.

We have made a lot of progress in transforming our organization to provide year-round membership benefits. This year, we expect to provide additional Connect opportunities by having a presence at some larger events our members typically attend in addition to our own conferences.

Please remember to visit our website, regularly for valuable insights and resources throughout the year, including our blog featuremembership news, and our exciting webinar series we have planned for our members.

As always, our organization continues striving towards developing new avenues for members to make meaningful connections that will continue to driving innovation and growth.

We are currently seeking volunteers to support our Marketing and Website team! We encourage members who are interested in supporting these teams and have marketing skill sets to please contact us as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming conferences, webinars, or in other engagements in 2019 as we look to Connect. Collaborate. Change!

Jinus Moghbeli
Diversity Alliance for Science, Inc.

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