JUNE 26, 2024
Location: ELI LILLY & COMPANY - Indianapolis


9:00am – 9:15am

Badge Check-In 
No onsite registrations. All attendees must arrive no later than 9:15am and have their ID to show through security. Please note we are unable to accommodate late arrivals. Please do not arrive any earlier than 8:50am.


Cluster Conversations 
Refreshments and Conversations to reconnect with old colleagues and meet new friends.


Cluster Introduction & Overview 
Dee Knopp, Shirley Tang-Audritsh & Anna Hakobyan


Cluster Host Welcome 
Anat Ashkenazi , CFO – Eli Lilly and Company


Cluster TBD 
Femi D-Etti, Vice President & General Mgr. Mt Vernon Supply – AstraZeneca


Harnessing AI for Fearlessness: Accelerating Success and Impact in Work & Life

In an era where technology is a pivotal ally in our professional and personal lives, understanding and utilizing Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) can be a game-changer. This workshop, designed for both business owners and corporate professionals, will delve into how A.I. tools, with a focus on platforms like ChatGPT, can empower you to be more fearless, breaking barriers to accelerate success and impact. This will be an interactive session where you will walk away with actionable steps you can immediately use to accelerate your growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Boosting Confidence: Learn how A.I. can provide data-driven insights and support, enhancing decision-making and bolstering self-assurance across a variety of situations which hold back both professionals and entrepreneurs from achieving their potential.
  • Easing Communication: Discover how A.I. tools can aid in crafting clear, effective, and persuasive communication, vital for leadership and team collaboration.
  • Forging New Connections: Explore A.I.’s role in networking, identifying potential allies, and opening doors to unprecedented opportunities.
  • Taking Control in Challenging Situations: Understand how A.I. can help in scenario analysis, risk assessment, and strategy development, enabling better control over complex situations.
  • Cultivating an Inclusive Culture: See how A.I. can assist in recognizing and mitigating biases, fostering a more equitable and inclusive work environment.

Special Note: While this workshop is A.I. platform-agnostic, we will be demonstrating various applications using ChatGPT. To maximize your learning experience, we recommend downloading ChatGPT on your phone before attending.


Keynote  – Ramesh Durvasula, Sr. Vice President – Information Officer R&DEli Lilly and Company

“So, you have an A.I.?  That Don’t Impress me Much”.  (In honor of Shania Twain!)       

In an age where A.I. is as common as cough syrup on a pharmacy shelf, it’s time to ask ourselves: is having A.I. in your toolkit enough to stand out, or is it just another generic off-the-shelf remedy? Join us as we explore how to truly innovate and not just iterate, how to be the cure and not just a bandage, and how to ensure you’re A.I. solutions are not just smart, but genius.  Let’s raise the bar, not just the dosage of how tech can drive pharma innovation.


Cluster Nourishment – Lunch and Networking with Colleagues


Artificial Intelligence Readiness for the Life Science Industry

Where has AI already been integrated into life science corporations? Our corporate experts will share:

  • Adoption and utilization of AI across various corporate functions
  • Best practices on growing AI roadmaps
  • Industry expectations for suppliers

This practical and informative session will provide insights to those who have already experienced the AI explosion as well as those who are curious about what is coming. 

Jamie Samuels, Executive Director – Supplier Diversity, Eli Lilly and Company                  

Dennis Truax, Vice President – R&D Procurement – Eli Lilly and Company
Doug McHugh, Vice President – Digital – Pfizer
Neil Richel, Operations IT Regional Lead – AstraZeneca
Eric Wespi, Data Science Fellow – Boston Scientific


Bring Your A Game to A.I.

Artificial intelligence promises to change the way life science corporations and suppliers do business. Hear from a panel of suppliers who are currently developing and using AI in this industry. From routine daily tasks to more sophisticated searches to promising advances in drug discovery and risk predictions, this panel of innovators will share their AI insights. Have curiosity about the risks of AI, governmental regulations, or ESG ramifications? No problem!  Our supplier experts will also speak about AI concerns and share best practices.

Robin Whitsell, President – Whitsell Innovations                       

Rohit Mahajan, CEO –
Kamal Biswas, President & COO – Xybion
David Ricciardi, CEO – Proximo
Manvay Singh, Chief Technology Officer – Synkriom


Afternoon Break & Transition – Light refreshments


Beyond the Match
Ample time for networking enables a different formalized approach to interaction between suppliers and buying organizations during the Cluster. Get a close-up and more specialized view of what it takes to become a Supplier of your most coveted representing Indirect, Direct, and R&D procurement areas sharing steps, processes, and timelines leading to SOWs and contracts. Perfect your questions rather than your Pitch and get the inside scoop that will give you a competitive advantage.

Session One 3:00 – 3:25pm
Session Two 3:30 – 3:55pm
Session Three 4:00 – 4:25pm
Session Four 4:30 – 4:55pm

Companies: AstraZeneca, Bayer, Boston Scientific, Dexcom, Eli Lilly & Company, Genentech, Pfizer, Takeda, Thermo Fisher Scientific


Cluster Networking  – Join us for appetizers and beverages during our Networking Reception


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