Applicants must:

  1. Be the CEO, Owner, Managing Partner or President of the company. No exceptions!
  2. Be a paid, active DA4S Member
  3. Agree to attend the 2022 and 2023 East Coast and West Coast conferences if accepted into the program
  4. Agree to sponsor one DA4S event in either 2022 or 2023 if accepted into program
  5. Maintain a paid, active membership for 2022, 2023, and 2024. (Three consecutive years membership dues.)
    Membership dues for 2023 and 2024 must be paid by August 30, 2022
  6. Be in business a minimum of two year
  7. Commit to the time requirements needed to implement the mentoring plan with assigned mentor
  8. Commit to attend the following mentorship meetings (in-person if required)
    1. East Coast Conference – May 2-4, 2022
    2. Mentorship Kick-Off and Pitch Competition (2022 Graduating Class)
      – Virtual (June 2022)
    3. Monthly or Bi-Monthly Check-In Calls with the Mentorship Committee – Virtual
    4. West Coast Conference (August 30-Sept. 1, 2020) – In-Person
    5. Graduation – June 2023
  9. Submit this competed application along with a professional photo. All items must be submitted together
  10. Accept and sign Waiver of Liability and Program Expectation Terms
  11. Applicant may participate in the Mentorship Program a maximum of two years (can be consecutive)
  12. Confirm that company is in a fiscally sound position (if not, the reconsider applying the following year)
  13. Participate in the application interview virtual session in March (Date TBD). Applicant will interview with the corporate mentors. More information will be provided. The interview day is a requirement to be considered for selection

Program Commitments for Mentor and Mentees

  1. One year starting in June 2022 and ending in June 2023
  2. Exclusive Kick-off Event in June 2022 – Virtual Event
  3. Monthly or Bi-Monthly Mentorship Zoom calls (August 2022 – May 2023). These calls are separate from the Mentee/Mentor meetings
  4. One face-to-face meeting (in-person if possible) and at minimum monthly virtual meetings required for Mentor/Mentee pairs within the course of this one year program
    (Pairs schedule this according to their calendars)
  5. Goals to be met during program. (Goals are discussed and set by each pair)

Failure to meet any of these requirements, expectations and deliverables during the program can result in Mentee being removed from the program. Mentorship Program is not to gain business from a Mentoring Company. Asking. your Mentor for business will result in an immediate dismissal from the program. Once committed to the program, mentee agrees to complete the one-year program. if mentee withdraws they acknowledge that their membership fees are non-refundable.