Our Member only webinars provide access to uniquely relevant content that help suppliers and corporations better partner together. Whether best practices from corporation perspectives, or tips/tricks for winning that next RFP, these digital programs allow our members across the country to gain new insights that can benefit their businesses.

In 2021 we plan to deliver:

  1. Educational Webinars
  2. Procurement Series Webinars
  3. CPO Corner Webinars

Watch this page for more information and dates.



August 26 – Presented by ND Galli Law

Improving Your Legal Infrastructure to Enhance Your Business and Grow Your Bottom Line: Leveraging Your Lawyer as a Counselor and Trusted Business Advisor

Has your business been around for three years or more?

Are you growing or scaling? Developing new products or services?  Getting great new (larger) clients?  Adding new employees or contractors?

Did you ever DIY any of your legal needs?

Do you have (or had) a lawyer but aren’t sure what they are or should be doing to help your business? Or even whether they are the right fit for your business where it is now?




NOVEMBER – DATE TBD – Company to be announced



AUGUST – Join AstraZeneca & Takeda

NOVEMBER – Final Date and Companies TBD



Have you presented a fantastic webinar that you’d like to share with the DA4S audience?

Do you have an idea for a webinar that would be appropriate for the DA4S community?

Would you like to share your knowledge in a particular subject area? If so, we invite you to send your Webinar Proposal to Dee@DiversityAllianceforScience.com.


DA4S offers many virtual webinars each year on a range of topics that our DA4S members can relate to and learn from. Education is key! The information provided below is intended to serve as a guide to our Webinar Proposals. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Most of our webinars have a running time of 60 minutes and involve one to two speakers. On occasion, we also host webinars that are 75 minutes long and feature 3-5 presenters representing different perspectives and cover complementary aspects of a given topic. We are accepting proposals for both types of format/duration.

  • If you would like to present a 60-minute webinar: Your estimated presentation time is around 45 minutes with the remaining time spent on introductions and Q&A. Please submit a proposal for a topic you can adequately cover in this amount of time.
  • If you would like to co-present with three or more other speakers (75-minute webinar): The estimated total presentation time is around 55 minutes with the remaining time spent on introductions and Q&A. Please submit a proposal for a topic that all presenters can adequately and comfortably cover in this amount of time, and indicate all presenters’ names in the proposal, if applicable.
  • Along with your proposal please include the following:
    • Narrative overview of webinar
    • List of webinar objectives (in bullet points
    • Benefits of Webinar Participation (Describe what participants will learn)



If your proposal is selected, each presenter will be expected to:

  • Provide a short biography and separate high-resolution professional photo/head shot to be used for marketing purposes. Do not embed your photo in your bio.
  • Provide your company logo in a vector/.eps file.
  • Develop a professional and compelling presentation slide deck to be used for the visual component of the webinar. Presentation deck must be submitted 5 business days prior to webinar.
  • Participate in at least one rehearsal to familiarize themselves with the technology we’ll be using and coordinate with other presenters.
  • Announce the webinar thru their social media channels using hashtag #DA4S and tagging Diversity Alliance for Science.


  • Provide the technology and infrastructure to advertise the webinar, handle webinar registration, produce the webinar and host the recorded webinar.
  • Promote the webinar to the Members of DA4S and announce the webinar thru our social media channels.
  • Track webinar registrations and provide participants with all the information necessary to access the webinar.
  • Train the presenter(s) on how to use the webinar platform and assist with the entire live webinar presentation.
  • Moderate the webinar. This includes formally introducing the presenters and facilitating any Q&A and/or live polling.
  • Conduct a survey at the end of the webinar and share survey results with presenter within 21 business days following the webinar.
  • All webinars are scheduled at the discretion and approval of DA4S. We also reserve the right to cancel or reschedule a webinar at anytime at our sole discretion.



  • Webinar proposals can be submitted throughout the year.
  • DA4S selects and calendars webinars 6-12 months in advance.
  • Once we have webinars confirmed for the year – we do accept proposals throughout the year in case we have to reschedule confirmed webinars and if an opening becomes available then we review webinar proposals received to select webinars
  • We do our best to calendar all webinars proposed and accepted within the same calendar year however there are no guarantees.
  • The webinar committee meets in Q4 to finalize webinars for the upcoming year so we do encourage you to submit your proposal no later than October 1st of each year.